Pass CISSP in One Month: My CISSP Certification Journey


The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is a globally recognized certification that validates your expertise in the field of cybersecurity. With the ever-growing demand for skilled professionals, passing the CISSP exam can open doors to new opportunities and boost your career prospects.

Step 1: Conquer the Sybex Official Study Guide and Chapter Tests

Begin your CISSP journey by studying the Sybex Official Study Guide chapter by chapter. This comprehensive resource covers all eight domains and provides in-depth explanations, making it the perfect starting point for your studies. I found the chapters on Access Control, Security Assessment, and Testing the most challenging to understand at first. Make sure you grasp all the concepts in these domains thoroughly before moving on to the practice questions.

As you complete each chapter, take the corresponding chapter test to assess your understanding and retention. This will help identify topics you need to review again. Pay extra attention to chapters where you scored below 75% and revisit the explanations in the Study Guide.

Step 2: Tackle Sybex Practice Tests 1 and 2

Once you’ve finished the Official Study Guide, put your knowledge to the test by taking Sybex Practice Test 1 and 2. Again, aim for a score of 75% or higher to ensure you’re ready for the real exam.

Remember to thoroughly analyze why certain options are correct or incorrect to strengthen your knowledge in these areas. You may want to take notes on your wrong answers for reviews later. The practice questions are very useful for reinforcing what you have learned and preparing you for the type of questions in the actual exam, as the question formats at the actual exam is somewhat similar to the Practice Tests.

Step 3: Review with Eleventh Hour CISSP

For a quick refresher and to fill any knowledge gaps, go through the Eleventh Hour CISSP cover-to-cover. Some concepts and technical specifics not mentioned in Sybex Study Guide is included in this book. As you have already gone through the Sybex Study guide, finishing this book should not take too long. Focus on those gaps and use it as a review for all domains. This concise resource will help you solidify your understanding before the big day. Try to memorize the relevant frameworks, models and abbreviations mentioned as these frequently appear in the exam.

Step 4: Simulate the Real Exam with Boson Practice Exams

To fully prepare for the CISSP exam, it’s essential to experience the test environment and familiarize yourself with the exam format and question format. The Boson Practice Tests offer two modes to help you achieve this: simulation mode and study mode.

Simulation Mode: The simulation mode replicates the actual exam experience, with a timed test and the same number of questions as the real CISSP exam. This allows you to gauge your readiness and practice managing your time effectively.

Study Mode: The study mode enables you to take the practice test at your own pace, with the added advantage of immediate feedback. After answering each question, you will receive an explanation for the correct answer, as well as why the other options are incorrect. This mode is excellent for reinforcing your understanding of the material and learning from your mistakes.

Begin by taking one Boson Practice Exam in simulation mode to get a feel for the real exam. Afterward, utilize the study mode for subsequent tests to review and learn from your mistakes, ensuring you’re well-equipped to tackle the actual CISSP exam. Again, you should continue aiming for 75%+ in your practice exams.

Your Study Schedule

When aiming to pass the CISSP exam within one month, it’s crucial to allocate about 60-80 hours of study time effectively to maximize your chances of success in one take. One approach is to dedicate approximately 2 hours per weekday and an additional 4 hours per weekend to your studies, totaling 18 hours per week. Over the course of the month, this adds up to 72 hours of study time. During week one to week three, focus on thoroughly studying the Sybex Official Study Guide while taking the corresponding chapter tests to gauge your understanding and identify areas that require further review simultaneously. In week three to week four, allocate time for taking Sybex Practice Tests 1 and 2, reviewing with Eleventh Hour CISSP, and completing the Boson Practice Tests in both simulation and study modes. Be sure to leave a few hours for final revisions and addressing any remaining knowledge gaps. Following this structured approach will help you effectively cover all required material and achieve your goal of becoming CISSP-certified within one month.


Good luck on your CISSP pursuit. I hope every one of you enjoy the process and pass it in one try. Feel free to leave comments if you have any questions.

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